Shoppingoutlet an B2B Online Sports Company presents a Full secure way to do business and make payment with full security By Payment gateway.

CC Avenue provides the full guaranty of your money ,If you are not getting the Right materials as you order to Shoppingoutlet CCAvenue will refund your money direct to your bank account,By this feature you are fully secure and also Customer get many payment option to do payment by wallets,Credit/Debit cards & Net Banking.

Specifications :

  • Full Payment Security.
  • Easy Method to do payment by Mobile.
  • Indian Government Certified Payment Gateway.

CCAvenue completely reimagined
Fast, secure & simply the best Payment Gateway you can get

Complete Payments SolutionAccept payments through multiple

CCAvenue F.R.I.S.KState-of-art Fraud & Risk Identification
System & Knowledge Base.

Best Success RatesSwitch transactions dynamically, recapture
abandoned transactions & retry failures.

Retry Option

Purposefully imagined, intelligently coded.When the customer’s transaction fails due to reasons like wrong card details, incorrect
payment option selected, bank downtime, etc., going through the entire process of
filling the payment details can be tedious and time consuming.

With our smart retry system, these steps can be avoided and instead the customer
is redirected to an intermediary page showing the reason of the failure. He
gets up to three attempts to use the same payment option or choose an
alternate payment option to complete the purchase successfully.

Retry option helps reduce number of abandoned trans-
actions and boosts success rate more than 15%!

Card Storage VaultYour customers, your dataThe CCAvenue Card Storage Vault is designed to securely store and recall your customer’s card details for more efficient and faster repeat transactions. Customer’s card detail is encrypted and securely stored against a unique token/identifier sent by you at the time of initiating the transaction, ensuring that this data is used by your customers exclusively for your website. Our simple API allows you to reuse stored card information for future transactions without you being PCI compliant. Your customers can simply breeze through online payments!

CCAvenue F.R.I.S.KFraud & Risk Identification System & KnowledgebaseWith a combination of best practices, leading technology and human intelligence, the CCAvenue F.R.I.S.K. engine provides an unprecedented level of risk detection and helps assess each transaction against a negative database collected over a decade and is verified by our dedicated risk management team over 150 variables like high risk global IP address verification, BIN number mapping, Keystroke speed recording etc.

CCAvenue also provides you personalized transaction controls like velocity checks and blacklist controls to set specific criteria to limit their risk exposure.

Velocity Checks: You can define a simple velocity filter for several parameters and all the transactions will be passed through the velocity filter before being processed.
Blacklist Controls: Based on your data of negative transactions you can restrict fraudsters from transacting on your site by blocking their Country, Email ID, Card Number or Geo IP location.

Invoice PaymentsFaster, easier way to invoice.Research shows that invoices are paid more quickly when online payment is enabled. CCAvenue makes invoicing easy, automatic, fast and accurate. Create itemized invoices in multiple currencies in under a minute!

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